Company history


    The L'Air Liquide French Joint-Stock Society establishes the first oxygen factory in Warsaw at ul. Leszno 138. At the same time, in the same year the "PERUN" Joint Stock Company is established in Saint Petersburg.


    The L'Air Liquide French Joint-Stock Society joins the "PERUN" Joint Stock Company in the Russian state. The technical gas production plant is moved to ul. Grochowska in Warsaw, where an auxiliary welding workshop is also established.


    Now, the "PERUN" French Joint-Stock Company operates solely in Poland, expanding the production of equipment and taking over existing technical gas production plants in Poznań, Bydgoszcz, Lviv, Trzebinia and Dąbrówka Mała in Silesia. A new oxygen production plant was built in Skarżysko-Kamienna and an acetylene production plant was built in Bydgoszcz.

    Perun factory staff in Warsaw in 1918.


    The production of welding equipment is developing dynamically. The "PERUN" Joint-Stock Company is the first in the country to organise the production of gas welding equipment and fittings related to the production and use of technical gases. The production was based on documentation, designs and deliveries of some parts and units from "Air Liquide" - a co-shareholder of the "PERUN" Joint-Stock Company. During the following years, the equipment developed in the country was also put into production and sale.


    "PERUN" activates the first arc welding electrode production plant. The production of "Pertrans", "Pertrans 3F" welding transformers as well as "Peral", "A.L.T." and "Monobloc" rotary welding machines is started.


    "PERUN" makes the entire first welded building structure in Poland, the PKO bank building in Warsaw. Making such a large completely welded structure for the construction industry (700 tonnes) has become an achievement on a European scale.

    Perun staff in 1935.


    "PERUN" receives a gold medal for the whole production at the Exhibition of the Metal and Electrotechnical Industry in Warsaw.

    President of the Republic of Poland prof. I. Mościcki at the Perun stand during the Exhibition of the Metal and Electrotechnical Industry - 1936.


    During the occupation, the factory worked under the German supervision but the management was Polish. The activity of the factory, however, was severely limited and production reduced. Only technical gases and basic welding equipment were produced at the scale necessary for the operation of the factory.


    The production was resumed under new political conditions. The company was nationalised and received a new name - Warsaw Factory of Technical Gases and Welding Equipment.

    A frame car structure made of Perun acetylene-welded pipes - 1935



    The construction of the new Warsaw-Targówek Technical Gas Production Plant was completed, which was then separated from the factory as an independent enterprise. The factory was transformed into the "PERUN" Warsaw Factory of Welding Equipment.


    The Enterprise Design Office is established. From that moment, projects of a new type of equipment and modernisation of the equipment produced so far are being developed on site.


    "PERUN" establishes cooperation with the Welding Institute in Gliwice which results in the development of automatic cutters controlled magnetically and photoelectrically.


    This decade is the further development of own structural and technological studies. Large cutters with CNC numerical control are created in cooperation with the Welding Institute in Gliwice.


    Along with the change of the political and economic situation in the country, it became necessary to adapt quickly to the new conditions and requirements of the market economy. Monitoring customer needs and their growing quality requirements as well as increasing competition forced to respond quickly to changes occurring in this market. Thanks to internal changes and widening of the product range, the company met these requirements and kept the position of one of the main suppliers of welding equipment in the country.

    September 1999

    The beginning of the privatisation process of "PERUN" Warsaw Factory of Welding Equipment.

    May 2003

    The privatisation process is completed - PERUN remains in Polish hands. It starts operating on new rules as Perun Sp. z o. o.

    July 2005

    Perun Sp. z o. o. introduces the ISO 9001:2000 quality certificate.

    February 2006

    Change of the ownership form into a joint-stock company.

    August 2008

    Five years of activity as a private company - PERUN strengthens its position in the welding market; introduces new solutions, increases sale. The period of internal changes and adaptation to the new conditions of the company's operation coincided with Poland's preparations and accession to the European Union. Keeping the position of the largest Polish producer of welding and gas equipment by PERUN S.A. is even a greater success.


    "PERUN" is able to develop and produce any welding equipment using gas as a working medium. The quality of our production is comparable with world products in this field. Today, after more than 100 years of uninterrupted production of welding equipment, PERUN remains the leader in the production of gas equipment for welding and cutting.
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