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    Central regulators, RC type, are single-stage, stem-type (lever-free) pressure regulators with variable outlet pressure regulation and connection adapted to gas cylinder collectors or supply for pipelines. These regulators provide automatic maintenance of outlet pressure (p2), independently to the changes in the inlet pressure (p1). An outlet pressure drop may occur only when the inlet pressure drops to a value lower than p3 (p3 = 2p2 + l bar). The regulators are equipped with safety valves (SV), with means of which the outlet pressure exceeding the permissible pressure releases the excess gas outside from the outlet pressure chamber. Brass terminals for pipes with minimum 10 mm external diameter are provided at outlet and are designed for gas discharge outside the room. Depending on the intended use and technical parameters, the regulators differ with construction and dimensions of components and couplings. Regulators have additional filters at the inlet.

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