Regulators one-level cylinders

    Single-stage cylinder regulators are stem-type (lever-free) pressure regulators with variable regulation of outlet pressure. These regulators provide drop of gas pressures drawn from the cylinders to the required outlet (operating) pressure, as well as provide automatic maintenance of such pressure at the possibly constant level, independently to the changes in the outlet pressure. The single-stage regulators are adapted to the following gases: oxygen, acetylene, hydrogen, compressed air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, argon, helium and propane-butane. Regulators are equipped with safety valves, so that when the outlet pressure increases above the permissible level, the excess gas is released outside from the outlet pressure chamber. The regulators have the same construction, but depending on type of gas they are intended for, they have different dimensions of internal and connection elements. Connecting nuts for flammable gases have left threads and are marked with the notch on the hexagon. In acetylene regulators, a yoke with a screw is used as a connection to the cylinder. Maximum inlet and outlet pressures for the regulator are marked with red line at the manometer.

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